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Omg I forgot about this website i can’t believe i remember my stuff wow i though i deleted this but i did not deleted it wow it is ok i guess i though i did but i did so yeah i have not been now this in a long time and i don’t really now what do to do on this anymore but it is ok i guess because will get to now it again


Yeah Last day

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Milwaukee 33 26 .559 16-11 17-15 272 253 +19 Lost 3 4-6
Cincinnati 31 27 .534 1.5 14-14 17-13 254 245 +9 Won 2 5-5
St. Louis 32 28 .533 1.5 19-15 13-13 267 253 +14 Won 1 3-7
Chicago Cubs 29 27 .518 2.5 16-10 13-17 245 232 +13 Lost 1 6-4
Pittsburgh 27 32 .458 6 15-11 12-21 259 260 -1 Won 1 5-5
Houston 26 31 .456 6 15-18 11-13 233 267 -34 Won 1 7-3

Yeah people

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Here for the all the people that will look at my blog Of i will miss all you guys next year Hope you guys have a good year next year in high school yeah but i don’t what i am doing in tech but i don’t know. I will miss you guys I will try to come outside To play basketball or something

I don’t Care Lakers are not playing around

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“That was quite the story Stan Van Gundy told afterward about how he motivated Rafer Alston.

A short story, and a tall tale, too.

“I thought for two days about what to say to him, and I said ‘Play your game.’ You can write that down. That’s a quote. It took me two days to come up with that.”

If you want to believe that was the only motivational thing Van Gundy said to his point guard, go ahead. But you’d be fooling yourself just as much as Van Gundy was trying to fool everyone who was watching and listening to his postgame news conference.

In reality, Van Gundy was all over Alston on the team bus after Game 2, and all over him again at practice Tuesday morning, repeatedly imploring Alston to be aggressive all over the court — a litany of motivational talks that ESPN colleague Rachel Nichols first reported during her pregame SportsCenter report.”


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Beast haha Magic Lakers are going 4and0

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“The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t winning the NBA Finals so much as they’re not losing it.

They’re not putting on a basketball clinic or anything worthy of the terms “shock” and “awe.” Be honest now, would you watch the DVD of these Lakers playoffs, even if it came free with a magazine subscription?

There’s still something to be said for not beating yourself, for not blowing opportunities, for not making dumb mistakes, for not missing open shot after open shot — in short, for not doing the things that caused the Orlando Magic to lose Game 2, 101-96, in overtime and fall behind 2-0 in the series.

“When you win a game in the Finals, regardless of how it looked out there, you earned it,” Lakers guard Derek Fisher said.

Most of this one looked like that picture Shaq labeled Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy’s baby on Twitter the other night.

The Lakers were co-conspirators in a 15-15 opening quarter that set a record for fewest combined first-quarter points in NBA Finals history.

The Lakers gave Orlando a point-blank shot to win the game with 0.6 seconds left in regulation and the Magic couldn’t win it.”

Kobe posts 40 as Lakers grab Game 1 in impressive fashion

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Kobe Bryant was first. Normally he isn’t the first one off the bench and onto the court for tipoff, but for Game 1 of these NBA Finals he couldn’t wait. The rest of the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic were hanging on the sidelines, waiting for the signal from ABC that the commercial break was over and it was time to start. Bryant stood impatiently on the giant Larry O’Brien trophy logo on the middle of the Staples Center floor, anxious to get this thing going.